Apr 12, 2011

How to Get the Talking Lion from The Good Wife (CBS)

How to order the Kuchipaku Stuffed Animal Lion Speaker...
By +Bob DeMarco 
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

Kuchipaku Stuffed
Animal Speaker
Obviously, many of you watched the talking lion video from the Good Wife television show on CBS -- Move Over Harvey Here Comes the Lion -- and decided you wanted one. The talking Lion, who has no name as far as I can tell, comes from a small Japanese company, Kuchi-Paku.

I did some research and decided to purchase the lion from Geek Stuff 4 U. You can also buy the lion from Gizmine and the price including shipping is a few dollars cheaper.

You will also notice that the stuffed animal speaker is also available as a polar bear, frog, rabbit and penguin. I decided to stick with the lion because I saw it demonstrated on the Good Wife. I like the polar bear, but because I was worried about perception I passed on the all white bear. The frog does look very interesting.

Go here to watch the talking lion video.

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