Apr 18, 2011

The Worst Alzheimer's Patient of Them All Can Change

There was one thing thing I did before I started having success with Dotty.

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Imagine an Alzheimer's patient that is mean and aggressive. Sometimes meaner than a junkyard bulldog. The family of this patient is at "wits" end. They don't know what to do.

They do the only thing they can do. They try to find an Alzheimer's care facility to care for them. They find what they believe and hope is right place for there loved one. Unfortunately, their Alzheimer's patient is to hard to handle.

This is when they get the call. The facility no longer wants the patient. The family tries to find another appropriate Alzheimer's care facility and maybe another.

They then have to face a sad reality

Nobody wants their Alzheimer's patient.

It happens. Read this story -- Nobody wants our dad.

Sometimes it can be horrific. Take the case of Judy Berry and her mother.

Judy's mother spent the last 7 years of her life being bounced from one nursing home or residential dementia facility to another and in and out of hospital geri-psych units, because of her so called "challenging and aggressive behavior". The last year of her life she spent, strapped in a chair and drugged to make her "compliant" in her environment.

You might be wondering how this horrific experience affected Judy. You will be surprised to learn that she decided to do something about it. This is how the Lakeview Ranch came into being.

Judy takes in the most difficult of Alzheimer's patients. The patients nobody wants -- the impossible patients. Does it work? Lakeview Ranch has a 93 percent success rate.

So, the most difficult of all Alzheimer's patients can change. They can be happy and loving.

You might be wondering what these difficult patients do during the day. You might be surprised to learn how much they do.

For now, I would like you to go look at the list of activities for the month of April at the Lakeview Ranch. Go to the Lakeview Ranch calendar.

You tell me that your loved one won't shower, won't get out of the car, doesn't want to go anywhere, and won't cooperate. I believe they will do all of those things. Not all at once, and not immediately.

I actually changed the situation with my mother long before I learned about the Lakeview Ranch. After, I read about the Lakeview Ranch, I pretty much decided I could accomplish more with my mother if I stayed focused and patient. More or less, I could do even better.

Earlier today I wrote -- The 93 Percent Solution to Alzheimer's Problems. With that article and this one I wanted to demonstrate that Alzheimer's patients can and do change.

There was one thing thing I did before I started having success with Dotty. I decided something had to change.

That something was me.


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