May 7, 2011

Alert : Larry King Alzheimer's Special Airs Three Times Tonight

Tune in for encore showings of Larry King's emotional look at Alzheimer's disease. The special, "Unthinkable: the Alzheimer's Epidemic," airs Saturday May 7, at 8p ET, 11p ET and 2am ET.
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Larry King Alzheimer's Special Airs Three Times Tonight
Larry will be joined by people who have been touched by Alzheimer’s disease and will include interviews with former First Lady Laura Bush and California’s former First Lady and Alzheimer’s activist Maria Shriver; actors Seth Rogen, and Angie Dickinson; TV host Leeza Gibbons; football star Terrell Owens and son of President Ronald Reagan, Ron Reagan.

Neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta will explain what Alzheimer’s is and how this disease affects the human brain.

Seth Rogen, talks to King about supporting his fiancĂ©e and her family as they deal with her mom’s early diagnosis at the age of fifty-five. He wants the world to know this is a young person’s problem too.

In addition to visiting the Mayo Clinic, Larry King will visit the cutting-edge Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at the Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas, and he will be joined by Ron Reagan. While there, one of them will take a brain scan that will indicate if he is at risk for Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders, and one will opt out.

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