May 17, 2011

Dotty, New Friends, Bogus Alzheimer's Test

Lets put it this way. Send me $200. I'll send you an empty box. When you look in the box and notice it is empty and you remember you sent me $200, you don't have Alzheimer's...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty (Dotty Einstein)
Many of you are emailing and asking about Dotty. For the many of you that are new, Dotty is my 94 year old mother who has Alzheimer's.

Lately, things have been going well with Dotty. However, many of you know I am constantly looking for patterns. The last two years, Dotty woke up very sick in late May. Obviously, I have my eyes wide open right now.

One thing that could be driving me up the wall if I didn't have over seven years of experience as an Alzheimer's caregiver is Dotty saying over and over and over -- I'm hungry. Dotty is on what could best be described as a "food warpath". It has been relentless for the last couple of weeks.

Dotty is hungry the minute she stops eating. The other night she had a steak, baked potato, and broccoli. When I put the food in front of her she said, "I can't eat all that food".

After she finished eating and with the empty plate still in front of her she said, "I'm hungry". When I said look you just finished eating she said, "I don't care, I'm hungry, I'm starving". Dotty is also back to getting up around midnight and scavenging for food.

On the good news side, Harvey is still entertaining Dotty, and he keeps her occupied about two hours a day. I have some good video footage that I will put up.

When I checked the website early Saturday morning, I noticed we had more activity than usual. I quickly determined that there was a story flying around the world about a new 15 minute test for Alzheimer's. Oddly, the test was only available in one place. On a website that sells food for your brain. Once you take the test they try and sell you a magic pill that prevents Alzheimer's.

Lets put it this way. Send me $200. I'll send you an empty box. When you look in the box and notice it is empty and you remember you sent me $200, you don't have Alzheimer's.

Next, I'll have Dotty thank you personally in a video published here and on YouTube. If you would like to buy my new 30 second Alzheimer's test and get your personalized thank you from Dotty, use the contact button in the upper right hand corner to send me your email address. I'll give you a link to my PayPal account. This is a non-refundable offer.

Welcome to our new friends from Great Britain, Australia, and South Africa. Please take the time to comment on the articles. Give all of us a chance to get to know you.

These new friends found us while searching for the new so-called Alzheimer's test. We actually published the links to a real 15 minute test in 2010. It is called SAGE. The test is actually backed by real research, publication in a reputable scientific journal, and was subject to peer review. As a result, people from all over the world found the Alzheimer's Reading Room while searching for a 15 minute Alzheimer's test.

If you are looking for self administered test for Alzheimer's, that are free, and backed by research go here -- Test Your Memory for Alzheimer's (5 Best Self Assessment Tests).

Or, send me $200 bucks and get on board with Dotty.

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