May 16, 2011

Pull yourself together and DO SOMETHING Joleen Firek !

Many Alzheimer's caregivers wonder when they are going to see real people in an Alzheimer's special on television. Real people, not stars. Real Alzheimer's caregivers that live in the front row. Real Alzheimer's patients that are in a later stage of the disease...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

The famous words of my best friend, Jacquelyn, 4 long years ago. Sobbing on her couch, reeling from my dad’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, overly consumed by the disease destroying our family, she literally SCREAMED me into action!

It took a few days, but once her words sank in, I started rolling a (borrowed) camera. I had no idea what exactly would come of it all, but since I “speak” video, I started shooting what was happening to my family and what was going on inside of me.

Fast forward 4 years and 300+ hours of footage later…

--Joleen Firek, Frankly Speaking: Alzheimer's

Here ya go. Real people living in the front row.

Movie trailer for a proposed documentary on the life of a girl that lived Alzheimer's from the front row.

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