Jun 10, 2011

My Heart Hurts, Abby Ann Johnson, Joe McLeod

I am not perfect, one false move, one minute I let my guard down, and it could be me. Or, it could be you.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I'm sitting here checking out my Google alerts for Alzheimer's. I notice this story so I decide to take a look -- Missing woman found dead.

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81 year old Alzheimer's sufferer, Abby Ann Johnson, goes missing on Wednesday, and now she is dead.

It turns out her son, Roy Johnson, took her to work with him so he could keep an eye on her. Joe checks on her every 30 minutes. She is sitting in his pick up truck. Makes sense to me, Roy has an obligation to his mother, probably cannot afford to pay for care, or maybe he just wants to keep her with him.

Meanwhile his grader breaks down and he losses track of time. Next thing you know, Roy goes to check on his mother and both the truck and his mother are gone. An intensive search starts, but, by the time they find his mother its too late.

I won't be surprised if some people will want to criticize Joe. It is obvious what Joe could have, or should have done. I have no doubt that these thoughts will be rolling around in his head for a long long time.

Here is what I think. Roy, the good son, was taking care of his mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease in a world that is less than perfect. God bless you Roy.

Once I finish reading that story this comes in from Faye McLeod-Jashyn. Faye is Joe McLeod's daughter.
My Father Joe McLeod is going down fast. He isn't the Man that we knew and each day that passes we see his delcine.

This past week he chased a worker and fell and possibly broke his arm. His weight is declining, he doesn't recognize his family anymore and is now in diapers.

Living through this as a family has been horrible. On top of caring for the the parent you have to commit to care (Joe), you also have the other parent left behind (Joe's wife).

We now have to prove in court that he (Joe) was was not competent and not aware of what he did when he pushed another patient who ending up dying from the push.

Should my Father happen to die before the court process is finalized he will have a charge of manslaughter on him. This should not happen.

Manitoba has finally agreed to have a mental health court but only for people who are not violent, which would not include my Father. Therapy for me has been this site and hearing from other families in their fights and struggles. Thank you to everyone.

Faye McLeod-Jashyn
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I wrote about Joe twice. Barbaric Treatment of Alzheimer's Patient Joe McLeod and Alzheimer's Patient Charged With Aggravated Assault, What Do You think? This is a story that should get all of us up in arms.

I have no idea how Joe's wife, Faye, and the rest of his family might be feeling from day to day. Whatever they are feeling it is truly horrific.

I can't help feeling that something close to above could happen to me. I don't think it will, and I'll try to do everything possible to can make sure it doesn't.

I am not perfect, one false move, one minute I let my guard down, and it could be me. Or, it could be you.

Alzheimer's is a nasty sinister disease. It could overwhelm any of us at any moment.

My heart hurts. Pray.

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