Jun 1, 2011

Parrot's Got Talent

You probably thinks this is another sotry about Harvey. Nope this article is about Danny the parrot...
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Let me get the "prop" in for Harvey our repeat parrot. Harvey is Dotty's best friend and the best Alzheimer's caregiver tool ever. See Dotty and Harvey the Parrot Discuss Breakfast.

But this story is about Danny the Parrot.

Last night I am on the computer and I have America's Got Talent on the television for Dotty. I hear them say the word parrot so I jump up to check it out. Meanwhile Dotty is out cold on the sofa. I couldn't resist, I woke her up

Be patient and watch this video. You'll know by the audience reaction when you get to the part that I want you to see.

Debbie (the trainer) promises she will deliver birds (parrots) who are psychic and who do magic.

I have to see that for sure.

Meanwhile as I am typing Dotty is talking to Harvey.

All is well.

If you don't see the video -- go here.

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