Jun 7, 2011

What Would You Say to this Alzheimer's Caregiver?

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A reader wrote the following comment under the article -- How do Alzheimer's Caregivers Think and Feel?

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I have been caring for my wife since 2004 when she was diagnosed with AD.

She has progressed from the mild stage to the moderate to severe stage and she is rapidly moving into the severe stage. She was 55 years old when she was diagnosed.

At first I was able to continue to work, then my company allowed me to work from home, then I went part time until I had to become a full time caregiver.

I have the feeling of helplessness and I become overwhelmed at times.

I hired a professsional caregiver two days a week for 5 hrs. My wife has severe separation anxiety when I leave her with a professional caregiver. She has gotten violent to my dismay as she has always been a very sweet person. My caregiver had to quit.

Drugs prescripted by our neurologist do not calm her down. My 10 hrs a week to recharge my batteries has been taken away from me.

I feel anger and dispare; I also feel guilty for those feelings as it is not my wife but this dreadful disease.

I problem solve with each new obsticle brought on by this dreadful disease. I am not always successful and fail a lot. The bright side is each new day a do over.

What would you say if you met this reader in person?

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