Jul 27, 2011

Caregiver Poem

Alzheimer's Reading Room

By Mary Berger

Not many women of eighty-nine
Still have a husband as precious as mine.
His mind's confused, his voice too low,
His memory is only of the long ago.
His interests lag, his skills are worn,
And often his face says that he's forlorn.
His steps aren't as steady as they used to be.
His yearning is only to be home with me.
But the song of his love he can still perform
And his caring for me is wonderfully warm!

The path ahead has a long way to go
For Alzy is never a kindly foe:
But with God's help I'll see it through
For I am one of the favored few
Who still has a husband who's loving and true.

A recent four-generation picture
of Charles and Mary Berger on the occasion of a great-granddaughter's
First Communion.

-- Mary Berger was a pastor's secretary, then married, raised five children, ran the math lab at alocal community college, retired, volunteered in the senior community, and became a caregiver.
Charles and Mary Berger have been married for 63 happy years. He is the family poet. His "Alzheimer's" was published in the Perspectives newsletter last year.

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