Jul 26, 2011

The Dementia Friends Clubs

I like the other men and we have good conversations.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

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They exist. I don't know how many; or where they are.

I am convinced there is a need for some type of organization around the idea, the concept -- Dementia Friends Club.

I think we proved here on the Alzheimer's Reading Room that fostering a positive agenda, by demonstrating through our words and actions that there is life after a diagnosis of dementia, that life can and does gone on.

I learned through the comments and the thousands of emails I received, what Alzheimer's caregivers really need is a "point" in the right direction. A Friends Club would allow Alzheimer's sufferers to meet and mingle, and at the same time, the Alzheimer's caregivers could meet, share information and ideas.

At the end of day it is going to be up to "US" to organize and develop useful solutions to our problems. This is already starting to happen.

I am getting asked with greater frequency about support groups for "early" or "younger" onset Alzheimer's and dementia.

If you know of any support groups for "younger onset" Alzheimer's could you email me the information, including contact information? Thanks in advance

Here is something I extracted from Bob and Carol Blackwell's blog on the USA Today website.

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On Tuesday Bob went to the Friends Club. I think I mentioned that he went to a 'forming' meeting two weeks ago. He enjoyed it very much

It is a group of only 4 men with younger onset Alzheimer's disease who are in the early stages. The club meets in Bethesda, MD the first and third Tuesday of each month from 9:30 -1:30. SInce this is a new group, they could use new members. You don't need to have younger onset AD, but you do need to be male and in the early stages of the disease.

If you are in MD, D.C. or northern VA, you might want to join! Call GayLynn or Lisa at (301) 469-0070.

Bob: I liked the Friends Club. The Friends Club is a group ot people who decided to get together and bring other things into We saw a video about Bernake and we talked about the banking problem. Benake and others did not do well-It (the banking situation) was worse than I realized. It was interesting. I like the other men and we have good conversations. It would be good to have some others with us to move us farther on. Hopefully, we may have a chance to tour the Gettysburg battlefield.

Carol: I went to the women's support group while Bob was at Friends Club. It is optional,but I enjoyed it a lot. The other women are very nice and it is so helpful to talk with others who are going through the same thing. I do wish that no one in the world had to go through it, though!

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