Jul 16, 2011

Tell Her She's Fired, A Difficult Lesson In Hiring a Caregiver for Mom

"Basically, you're hiring someone — usually at a fairly low wage — who's going to be coming into the home and helping your loved one with some of their most intimate tasks," Claudia Ellano-Ota.

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My friend's phone call numbed me.

Twice in the last week, she said, she'd seen my mother sitting in a car in a neighborhood near her home.

"Today she was there for more than two hours in the heat," she added.

It had to be Ann, her caregiver, who had been "taking her to the park" almost daily. The next day I skipped work and followed. When she parked in front of a house, I waited 20 minutes and then went to the door. Ann's boyfriend appeared when I rang the bell.

"Tell her she's fired," I said.

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