Aug 24, 2011

Alzheimer's Reading Room Concert Night (First Ever)

It is often difficult for Alzheimer's caregivers to get out. To go to the movies or a concert. So tonight, we are bringing the entertainment to you.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

You can file this under stress reduction. If you take the time to settle down, get into the flow and listen, you will feel the stress come out of your body. Your neck most likely.

Tip. You have to give your body and mind a chance. So settle down.

This concert starts slowly and if you listen for a few minutes it will pick up steam.

Relax. Sit back and get comfortable. Take some nice deep breaths as you listen. Breath into your mouth and out your nose. Slowly, very slowly.


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Edmar Castaneda Tiny Desk Concert

Edmar Castaneda is the sort of musician who isn't afraid to challenge the established order.

He's carving out a place for himself in Latin jazz on an instrument you don't often hear in his chosen genre: the Colombian harp.

He's adapted intricate traditional fingerpicking techniques to play jazz melodies along with the Afro-Cuban tumbao (bass line). As you can see and hear for yourself in this Tiny Desk Concert, he can switch between rural Colombian dance music and jazz with a twist of his wrist. Literally.

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Tip of the hat to Chad Totaro for hipping me to the Tiny Desk Concert.

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