Aug 27, 2011

Dear Alzheimer's Association Leadership

By John Broadwater

Dear Alzheimer's Association Leadership,

I am writing to express my serious concern about the current direction the Alzheimer's Association is heading, and to request that you make immediate changes to be more effective and more responsive to the needs of AD sufferers and their support groups.

I am an AD caregiver (caring for my wife) who is very interested in supporting the stated goals of the Association. However, I've been reading with concern the news of local chapters seeking independence from the national program. I was even more disturbed to find that Charity Navigator gives the Association one of the lowest ratings I've ever seen (and I've looked at over 100 charities on that site).

My concern is twofold: first, I believe that support for the Association is going to continue to drop (or be withdrawn) as long as your effectiveness ratings remain so abysmally low. Second, I believe it is essential for us to have a strong national program that can guide and focus programs to improve the daily lives of AD sufferers and caregivers -- hence, I am saddened by the apparently growing movement away from the Association.

Won't you please take my comments into account and begin searching your hearts as well as your minds for corrective actions that can bring us all back into alignment on the movement to eliminate AD; and more importantly, to comfort those of us who are on the front lines trying to improve the quality of life for the AD sufferers that we love and care for.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this plea.


John Broadwater
Williamsburg, Virginia

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