Aug 30, 2011

The Next Alzheimer's Chef, Will Ludo Bite Delray Beach?

What are the chances that I could convince Ludo Lefebvre, Krissy, and Ludo Bites America to come to Delray Beach?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Ludo Lefebvre
Chef Bobby. Chef Baa - Be. That's me.

Prior to moving to Delray Beach to take care of Dotty in 2003, I had not done much cooking. Don't get me wrong, I knew how to use a barbecue grill or bake a potato (in a microwave) , but none of that fancy cooking.

It never seemed to me that cooking was a good or effective use of time. Besides, I'm smart, so I always surrounded myself with people that were good cooks. They slave around the kitchen while I watch football on television. I help them get rid of the food by eating heartily. Football watching can make you hungry

Why am I writing about this you ask?

Well, I heard someone talking on CNBC about a new, dig this, grilled cheese sandwich restaurant in San Francisco. It is opening today. They intend to open 4 in SF right away. I think its called the Melt. They intend to open 500 locations by 2015. Great idea, I like it. Grilled cheese and soup. Perfecto. Hey if you are gonna be obese what is better? Grilled cheese and soup, or burger and fries? You decide.

Once that grilled cheese thing gets big can you imagine how many people are going to be running in here from the Internet and getting my advice on how to take a good healthy poop on schedule. Hmm. New business idea. Open 500 stores right next to the Melt. New name? Dump?

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As it turns out, during my tour of duty here in Delray Beach I have perfected the grilled cheese sandwich for dummies. Yes, Chef Baa -- Be, can make you an excellent grilled cheese. My secret weapon? The George Foreman grill. I have the medium sized grill. I bought it on sale for 22 bucks.

To make the perfect grilled cheese all you need is bread, cheese and the George. Wanna get fancy? How about a slice of tomato and some black forest ham? Real fancy. Try some Jarlsberg cheese. Seriously.

How easy is it to use the George. Throw your grilled cheese on the George and forget about it for a while. Forget about it, get it? After five minutes, lift the lid on the George and you have one nice hot grilled cheese. Here is the best part. You know all the cheese that goops out of the grilled cheese and make a mess while you are cooking it? No problemo. With the George all you need is a wet paper towel and walla clean.

On a more serious note. While I was here, I took Dotty's world famous spaghetti sauce (gravy) to a new level. Yes, I am the greatest. I also perfected the meatball. It will melt in your mouth, soft and tender.

My latest thing is working with a cast iron frying pan. Why doesn't everyone cook with a cast iron frying pan? Unbelievable. Ever made a pancake in a cast iron frying pan? Perfecto. You can also make a paper thin, light as air, omelet.

Back to the George. Salmon, 5 minutes perfection. I could go on and on.

And now to the beef.

Ludo and Krissy

Have you ever seen the show on the Sundance channel called Ludo Bites America? Ooh La La. Ludo is French.

You gotta check out this show. Ludo Lefebvre is a five star chef, who like, takes over a restaurant and then goes to town. Dig this. How about pig blood pudding. I kid you not. He made pudding from pigs blood while in Raleigh, NC. They loved it.

Don't try to call Ludo, he isn't there. He cooks in other people's restaurants.

Ludo is a genius. No doubt about it. He is like a combo Thomas Edison, Michelangelo of food. Ludo's wife Krissy also works in Ludo Bites America, she is a kinda genius marketing, operations manager. Krissy, more or less, makes sure it happens. Very good combination, Ludo and Krissy. One thing I can say about Ludo, he has a foul mouth. He should consider a next career on Wall Street.

And now to my point. I didn't know the point when I started typing this article by the way.

What are the chances that I could convince Ludo, Krissy, and Ludo Bites America to come to Delray Beach? I'm not done. Ludo Bites American for Alzheimer's. Now that has a nice ring to it.

Well, only one way to find out. I have to ring out of this article right now and figure out how to promote my idea to the producers of Ludo Bites America.

Wish me luck?

I bet Ludo makes a heavenly grilled cheese.

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