Sep 30, 2011

Perky Little Dotty

Yesterday, Dotty starts taking her watch off and I said to her, are you going to take a shower? She said yes. She even drank the prune juice without complaint. It worked by the way.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

95 years old
Some of you are emailing me asking about Dotty and how she is doing, so here you go.

For at least the last week Dotty has been very perky. I sit around all the time wondering, what exactly are we doing that is making Dotty seem more alive?

I don't know.

I do know this, Dotty had a rolling urinary tract infection (not bad either time), and we had to go with two rounds of Bactrim. We never used it before. Wozo edwards, the pill is almost as big as Dotty. This drug is strong.

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Don't tell our doctor but I more or less used a variation on a theme. During the second round, I started cutting the Bactrim horse pill in half and gave Dotty one pill a day, instead of two (two halves). I did give her all of the medication.

I mentioned before, Dotty gets all "dulled out" when she is not feeling well. Just "not there". Sometimes after we take the antibiotics, she ends up "more there". This has been going on for years.

So of course, I wonder, is there like something rolling around in Dotty that we cannot detect?

For those of you that follow along, you know a couple of months ago I was ready to jump off a building. Now, we are having the best health period we have had in at least two years. I hope I am not "jinxing" myself here.

Yesterday, I am moving Dotty from one place to another and she starts to belt out some song I never heard before. I said, that must be some really old song. Dotty says, older than you. No kidding. I really didn't catch it.

Dotty has never been a big singer. She will sing now with the television, or if I sing to Harvey, or her one song with Harvey, but that is about it. Plus, she only knows like the first part of any song.

The other day, I walk into the kitchen and there is Dotty sitting up straight, pen in left hand, working on the crossword puzzle. I look over, wozo. She is doing pretty good. She actually looked like she did 20 years ago, she was attacking the puzzle. This morning not so good. Wasn't really trying and didn't really get anything. The crossword increases in difficulty as the week moves on.

Dotty is walking better. Better of course is a relative term. Nevertheless, I am a bit surprised. Lets say she is moving like a big turtle as opposed to a little turtle. The thing is, she is plodding along nicely.

Walking better also means more potential problems.

Dotty is managing to get all over the place in here. She is not getting stymied. So she can get up and get into the food. Since she can stand up longer right now, this also means she can hunt.

She managed to find the mini cinnamon buns hidden in back of the freezer yesterday. We buy those things quite often. I cannot remember her finding them in the last year or so. By the time I figured out it was too quite in here and got up to the kitchen, Dotty already had not one, not two, but six cinnamon buns out and ready to eat. She was probably going to hide a few in the drawer next to her bed.

Dotty is also putting dishes away. This is interesting because 6 six years ago, if Dotty put glasses or dishes away she put them in the wrong place. For the most part, for the last many years Dotty usually takes dishes and glasses out of the dry and just stacks them up on the counter.. Not now. She is putting them away. The silverware also. Go figure.

So what is going on? I don't know. She still gets dulled out in the late afternoon and I have to take her out into the bright light to revive her a bit. She is definitely talking more. She even commented on what was going on on the television a few times.

It is interesting. And I must say, she does seem more like the Dotty of days long gone by. This is fun and pleasant for me. But, I have to keep my ears perked up because there is no telling what she might try to do.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Yesterday, Dotty starts taking her watch off and I said to her, are you going to take a shower? She said yes.

Dotty really doesn't know what soap is. So I soaped up the wash cloth, turned on the shower, and just let her go. I didn't watch. I did tell her to make sure she cleaned all the nooks and crannies, and gnarly parts, but I did not watch or check on her.

Dotty got herself into the shower, got herself out, and put on the cloths I had laid out for her. All by herself.

Yesterday, I was thinking I wish Dotty could still drive and go to the grocery store. Wouldn't it be great to send her to the store and get her out of my hair for a while? I bet you often think something similar.

Dotty was also yakking away last night to Joanne on the telephone. She tells Jo she is going to the mall, she wants to get a job, she wants to get a boyfriend. Who knows what else, I try not to listen. Besides, I am busy, I have this blog to work on.

And here is the coup de grace (the killer part). Dotty is folding the nice clean pee pee underwear, about 12 panties, and she tells Harvey, looks at all these pee pee underwear (that is what I call them).

She goes on to say, I must be peeing on myself a lot. Say what? I'll bet a hundred bucks if you ask Dotty tomorrow if she ever peed on herself, she will tell you, No, never. That is the first time I ever heard her say pee pee underwear.

That Harvey, he can't sure get the info out of Dotty.

All I can say is, Mama Mia, you would have to see it to believe it.

If the weather holds we are going out partying tonight. One thing about Dotty, once you get her out, she is ready to stay out. That is one thing that has never changed.

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