Sep 6, 2011

Sharing About Yvonne

By Max Wallack
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Yvonne is 68 years old, and she has Alzheimer’s disease.

Yvonne was diagnosed in March of 2009, at the age of 65. Her daughter, Toni, knew something was wrong for a few years before that. Like many of us, we deny what we know to be happening until it is staring us blatantly in the face.

In the fall of 2008, Toni could no longer deny what she was seeing. Yvonne, who had been a banker, was $1000 overdrawn on her bank account. Toni took her mom to an excellent doctor in Nevada, where her mom has lived all her life.

Toni takes care of her mom at home, with the help of her husband and her four kids, all under the age of 12. Yvonne cannot be left alone. I’m sure Toni’s children will grow up to be responsible and empathetic adults as a result of helping care for Yvonne.

What makes Toni the saddest is that Yvonne was a very talented artist, and Toni thinks she has lost her ability to sew, create, and paint. In the photo above, Yvonne is standing in front of quilt she made herself in 2008. It was her last project of this kind. Some of the squares had been handed down by Yvonne’s own grandmother.

I also wanted to showcase some of Yvonne’s paintings. They are truly great.

I know the spark of creativity is still within Yvonne. Below she is concentrating on one of the Springbok PuzzlesToRemember.

And here she is with the sense of satisfaction of putting together something that probably brings back flashes of her very gifted past.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Yvonne, mother, grandmother, banker, extraordinary artist, and person with Alzheimer's.

Here is a good example of a Springbok PuzzlesToRemember. These puzzles are specifically designed for persons living with Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss. They can also be used to exercise your brain. You can follow the link to learn more, and see additional puzzle designs.

Springbok Cares

Max Wallack is a student at Boston University Academy. His great grandmother, Gertrude, suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Max is the founder of PUZZLES TO REMEMBER. PTR is a project that provides puzzles to nursing homes and veterans institutions that care for Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

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