Oct 27, 2011

Abandoned Alzheimer's Patient Doesn't Know Who He Is

This is one crazy story about a person living with Alzheimer's. He didn't wander. His caregiver decided to drop him off in front of the hospital, and then took off. The man didn't have any identification and he doesn't know who he is? Do you?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Abandoned Alzheimer's Patient Doesn't Know Who He Is

This is one whopper of a story about a man living with Alzheimer's and it is unfolding in Boynton Beach, Florida about five miles from where we live.

The start up. A man is seen pacing aimlessly in front of Bethesda Hospital. When asked, he doesn't know who he is. He did not have any identification on him.. This man was not a wanderer. He was apparently dropped off in front of the Hospital.

In fact, it appears he was abandoned. No missing persons report was filed and no Silver Alert was issued. He was not in need of medical care.

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The police finally did the only thing they could do. They asked the public, do you know this man?

It appears they received quite a few "tips". The tipsters say it is Lowell Sutton.

So the police assume he is Lowell Sutton, age 91.

Next, the police allege that Diane Lucille Sutton, 64 of Port Charlotte, left Lowell Sutton in front of the Bethesda Memorial Hospital on the afternoon of Oct. 19.

Next, a charge of elderly neglect is filed and the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office was contacted regarding the case. This is according to a Boynton Beach Police incident report.

Here is where the story gets even crazier.

At first the police alleged that Diane Lucille Sutton did the bad deed.

However, the name of the victim and Diane Sutton's relationship to the victim were redacted from the incident report. Boynton police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said that she could not confirm whether Lowell Sutton is the unnamed man in the report because of the nature of the case.

He might be Lowell Sutton, he might be Leroy Lamar, or he might be some other man.

Confused yet?

Diane Sutton admitted she had been the man's caretaker for the past 16 months.

Diane also said she was driving back from visiting friends in Miami and decided to drop the man at the hospital after seeing a sign on Interstate 95.

You might be wondering, Why? Care to guess?

Go ahead fire away in the Add New Comments box below.

I wonder if this has ever happened before?

Do you know who he is?

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