Oct 18, 2011

Alzheimer's Off the Top of My Head, I Wonder?

Some people wonder why, I wonder why not?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Bob DeMArco | Alzheimer's Reding Room
Bob DeMarco
I wonder what percentage of Alzheimer's caregivers are proud of themselves?

I wonder if AD caregivers take the time to think and reflect about what they are accomplishing?

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Many Alzheimer's caregivers have to deal with the anger of a person living with Alzheimer's disease. Many of them tell me this tends to be worse in the late afternoon or early evening.

I wonder if this problem could be alleviated by taking the patient out into bright light around 4 PM each day?

I wonder how many Alzheimer's caregivers have visited the Lakeview Ranch website?

The Lakeview Ranch takes care of the most difficult to care for Alzheimer's patients. I wonder how many AD caregivers looked at this page and tried to incorporate some of the activities into their daily routine?

I wonder how many AD caregivers can answer this question, what is the core body temperature of the Alzheimer's patient? I wonder if they take the temperature of the patient every day?

I wonder if persons working in memory care facilities know the core body temperature of each patient? I wonder if they take their temperature each day.

I wonder how many people know that when Dotty's temperature rises to 98.4 she is sick. Most often she has a urinary tract infection. Dotty's core body temperature is 97.6.

I wonder if AD caregivers are more likely to say, I will, I can, or s/he can't?

Do you wonder? What are you wondering about right now?

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