Oct 29, 2011

Taking Control of Alzheimer’s Through Research Symposium

A baby born today has over a 50 percent chance of being a centenarian ... by 80 years old you have a forty percent chance of getting Alzheimer's disease ... your personality is going to be stolen from you, your memories are going to be stolen .. I find the disease to be a totally unacceptable part of aging and I won't stop until we cure it. -- Rudy Tanzi

Alzheimer's Reading Room

There is a tendency in parts of the Alzheimer's community to believe that finding an effective treatment for Alzheimer's is impossible. Others in the community continue to vilify scientists assuming somehow that they don't know what they are doing; or that, there is a better way.

None of this is true.

In order to cope with and understand Alzheimer's disease, it is necessary to know the battle is being waged every day by competent, talented people, who are committed to eradicating Alzheimer's disease.

In the brief video below you will hear from Rudy Tanzi, Henry McCance, Phyllis Rappaport, and Jeffrey Morby, all committed to making a difference and changing the world as we know it today. Take a good hard look at their faces as they speak.

Taking Control of Alzheimer’s Through Research Introduction

We don't sit at our desk and hope ... We're proactive, we go out and look for and identify world class talent in fields that we would like to invest in. -- Henry McCance, Founder, Cure Alzheimer's Fund

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