Oct 5, 2011

Tomboy Raises Money for Alzheimer's Research

In short, my participation in BvB has not only raised my awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s made Alzheimer’s Disease matter to me.

The Tomboy
Landy Elliot is a tomboy and is committed to changing the world. So when she learned she could play football and raise money for a good cause, Alzheimer's research, she took action.

The first thing Landy has to do is raise money in order to earn her jersey and get into the game (learn more below).

While working on her mission, Landy is also learning something that she could never have expected, Alzheimer's is everywhere.

In the not so distant future their will be two kinds of people. People that have Alzheimer's, and people that know someone that has Alzheimer's.

I decided to back Landy by donating to her effort. In return, Dotty's name will be written on her jersey.

I like the idea of imaging Dotty's name on Landy's jersey.

Dotty likes the idea as well. When I explained to her what I was doing she asked, how do I put your name on the jersey? Dotty is sweet.

I'm in. You can learn why by reading Landy's story below. Hopefully you will decide to come along with us and put a name on her jersey.

Let's get every inch of that jersey covered folks.

By Landy Elliott

Although I change my hair color on a semi-regular basis, there’s one thing that remains constant: my commitment to service and my love for competition.

That’s why this year, I’m participating in the 7th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Powder Puff Football Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research in Washington, DC.

To be honest, the reason I initially joined Blondes vs. Brunettes (BvB) was the football. I love to compete– the fact that it’s for a good cause is just a bonus.

Once I started working on raising the minimum amount required for each team member to participate, I discovered that I care very much about Alzheimer’s – more than I ever expected.

People I never expected to show support (but whom I included on my mass-blast emails of course) chose to donate in honor of their grandfathers, in memory of their aunts, or in support of close family friends.

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I was so surprised by the responses and found myself wanting to know more about the people whose names were appearing on my donations roll. So I decided to ask.

My friends told me about “PopPop,” a former U.S. Senator known for his personal fitness. I learned about “PawPaw,” a WWII vet and lover of golf who owned a succession of Corvettes all named The Scooty Booty.

One friend also told me about “Mrs. E,” a loving stepmother who received her diagnosis in her early forties and whose stepson just moved home to help with her care. In fact, it was because of my friends that I learned about this blog (hat tip to Mary Taylor).

I discovered that I am so much more connected to this disease than I ever imagined possible.

I realized that Blondes vs Brunettes is more than just a fun excuse to run around and wear eyeblack. It has served as a vehicle for my friends to share their stories with me and to tell me more about this disease.

In short, my participation in BvB has not only raised my awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s made Alzheimer’s Disease matter to me.

Now, I’d like for my participation in BvB to matter to you. If you make a donation to my fundraising efforts and include the name of a loved one in the appropriate space in the online form, I will include his or her name on my game day jersey.

All I ask in return (well, besides a donation) is that you tell me a little bit about who you are asking me to play for – please send me an email at landydouglas@gmail.com with anything you’d like to share.

Team Blonde will be practicing 3 days a week, every week until game day on November 12. Knowing why I’m playing is what will keep my commitment to spreading the word about Alzheimer’s strong throughout the season and after the whistle blows.

The fact that The Husband is totally jealous of my new receiver’s gloves won’t hurt either.

Many Thanks,
Landy Elliot

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