Oct 20, 2011

What is Wrong with Us, Urine Sample, B 12 Shot, Cancer Drugs

I'm not a doctor, I'm not a nurse, I have no medical training, but I have the solution to the dreaded urine sample collection problem and it only costs a buck. What about the B 12 shot?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

You can file this under a long list that is entitled, What is Wrong with Us.

Or, It is 2011, What is Wrong with Us.

Let's start with the urine sample. What happens when you take your little old mommy to the doctor and the doctor wants a urine sample? Well in our case they hand you this.

A specimen cup with a screw on top.

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Now my mother is 95 years old and suffers from dementia. Do you think they should expect her to hit the hole in that little cup? Well, they do.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, and I have no medical training.

I do have this though.

Want one?, Click me

This is known as a urine collection unit, hat, or nun's hat.

To use it you lift the toilet seat, put it on the toilet, put the seat down and it is good to go.

After the pee takes place, you lift the toilet seat, pick up the hat, and pour the urine sample into the urine cup, first image up top, and screw on the cap. The hat also has a convenient spout built into it to make the pour easy to do.

So here is my question, why don't they hand you the hat when you are woman, old, suffering from dementia, or otherwise unable to hit the hole in the specimen cup?

I checked this today, if you buy a bunch of hats you can get them for about $1.25 each. You can usually buy a single hat for about $4.75. You can click on the picture of the hat to get one.

I think support groups ought to think about buying these urine collection units in bulk and selling them at the all in price for one unit.

My point here, are doctors so cheap that they cannot afford to buy "hat's" and hand them to older women? If they are that cheap they ought to say, hey, I can sell you this gizmo for two bucks and then they can make additional profit.

It is 2011, does it make any sense to you that they are asking dementia patients to pee in a specimen cup, as opposed to a hat? Use the comments box below to let me know. Feel free to be funny, cynical, or vent away. Anything goes.

It is 2011 right?

So I take Dotty for her monthly check up. I remind them, Dotty is scheduled for her B 12 shot. I am then told that this giant medical practice that we go to, can't get any B 12 for shots. They then inform me that they can give me a prescription and then I can go get some B 12, bring it back, and they will do the injection. What the heck?

I go to the Humana pharmacy. They don't carry Cyanocobalamin/Injection. I figure, oh well, I'll go to Walmart. They tell me at Walmart they don't have the drug and they have no idea when they might be getting any in. Walmart? The biggest retailer in the world and with all their buying clout they can get b 12 shots?

I'm already out so I figure I'll try Target, Walgreen, nope no B 12. Not to worry I'll try the Costco Pharmacy. Nada, nix , nimbus.

You can't get a B 12 shot in Delray Beach, Florida. Can you imagine how many B 12 shots they must give out here in a month down in Palm Beach County, Florida, land of the free and home of the old?

To recap. Doctors are either too cheap or too dumb to offer elderly dementia patients the "Hat" when requesting a urine sample.

In order to get my mother a B 12 shot I may have to fly to China, India, or Thailand.

Maybe you know this. There is also a shortage of life saving cancer drugs right now. Maybe you saw this on the news.

Should you be worried about these drug shortages. You will be after you read this.

"Anybody who is sure they know the answer to this question is probably kidding themselves," said Peter Lurie, a senior adviser in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of the Commissioner, who works on public health issues, including drug shortages.

"There appear to be multiple factors that are playing in it and it's very difficult to identify which one is most important," Lurie told Reuters.

We are talking about hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of patients here folks.

There are no shortage of pee collectors, "hats", by the way.

I'm just getting started.

You might have thought I was kidding when I wrote Let's Take it to the Parks and Make a Real Case for Alzheimer's.

My temperature is rising. I just cannot understand, after all, it is 2011.

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