Oct 21, 2011

What Was the Craziest, Dumbest, or Most Ignorant Question You Were Asked About a Person Living with Dementia?

Did Dotty try to stab you yet?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's World

Under the article, Public Knowledge and Attitudes about Dementia and Dementia Patients, our reader sbrisend wrote about the misperceptions that people have about persons living with dementia.

This reminded me of a question I was asked twice early on, Has your mother tried to stab you yet? Yet? As if it was a foregone conclusion that Dotty would try to stab me.

Dotty has never tried to stab me with a knife or scissor. As I think about this question, I can say that before we stabilized the situation Dotty did stab me with her "mouth" a bunch of times. That did hurt. But now, Dotty is a sweetie.

What was the craziest, dumbest, or most ignorant question you were asked about a person living with dementia?

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