Nov 6, 2011

Alzheimer's Life 101

"You're going to hell!" she told her daughter at one point. "I'll save you a seat," Estep responded calmly.

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Leaders Engaged in Alzheimer’s Disease (LEAD) Releases Recommendations to the National Alzheimer’s Project Act Advisory Council
LEAD recently convened four work groups corresponding to the subcommittees established by the Council to develop recommendations for the creation of a national strategy to more effectively combat Alzheimer’s disease and care for its victims. The report and set of recommendations produced by LEAD reflects the voices of hundreds of Alzheimer’s researchers, caregivers, patients, and advocacy organizations.

Turning Alzheimer's from a 'death sentence' to life's mission
The tests ruled out other issues and finally whittled down to one. After the initial shock, Estep sat down at a computer and started Googling "Alzheimer's."

Stage star Lynda opens home for dementia care
“I wish people would understand it is a physical medical condition. You wouldn’t put someone who was sick in darkness, you would have them somewhere like this.”

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Alzheimer's Disease -- The Front Row
Knowing that the day is coming when your loved one -- won't know you-- is the most horrific feeling of them all for an Alzheimer's caregiver.

Alzheimer's center launched at UB
The University at Buffalo has opened the region’s first center devoted to Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. The Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center will offer a full range of clinical services for people in Western New York and Southern Ontario, while conducting research to develop new treatments.

Alzheimer's Association Receives Three Star Rating

Image Gallery: Concord Park Goes Purple fo Alzheimer's
November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month, and the folks at Concord Park Assisted Living Community were decked out in their finest purple threads yesterday to promote awareness of the disease.

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