Nov 3, 2011

What is Alzheimer's Disease the Visual MD

Who are you as a person? You are the sum collection of your life experience, stored as memory. Based on how you are forming memories and learning, you behave in a certain way. That is your personality. Alzheimer's disease robs every bit ... -- Rudy Tanzi

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In order to be effective as an Alzheimer's caregiver you need to have a foundation on which to build. Part of the foundation is an understanding how Alzheimer's effects the brain and the ability to remember.

The inability to store new information explains in part why persons living with dementia ask the same questions over and over, or repeat the same behaviors over and over. They just don't remember what you just said, or, what they just did.

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This video from Visual MD is an essential watch for anyone that has been touched by Alzhemer's disease.

Please be patient, watch and listen all the way to the end. You will likely benefit from the effort.

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