Dec 4, 2011

Alzheimer's Caregiving, Is God Punishing Me?

I sometimes think God is punishing me with all of this need for a routine, AGAIN, in my life.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Mother Teresa
I suspect, actually I know, that some Alzheimer's caregivers wonder if God is punishing them? Others wonder if God is punishing the person living with Alzheimer's?

Personally, I often wonder, is their a reason, a spiritual reason for this experience?

For example, is the experience of living with dementia preparing Dotty for something more important? Is she learning something that is preparing her in some way for the spiritual world? Is the experience of living with dementia somehow allowing Dotty to complete her physical life before she moves on to another world?

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I wonder, is the experience of being an Alzheimer's caregiver preparing me to do something later in my life? Or, in some way is the experience allowing me to complete my life here on earth?

Is their something that Dotty needs to learn; or that, I need to learn in order to complete our lives?

I can say that I don't believe God is punishing either of us. I do think that Alzheimer's caregiving is a life learning experience. What is the purpose? I don't know yet. I believe I'll learn the answer to this question -- sooner or later.

I do believe that my Alzheimer's experience is preparing me to accomplish something important. Will I be accomplishing that mission after Dotty passes? Accomplishing that mission here on earth? Or, accomplishing that mission somewhere else? Is their life after death? Will I need what I learned during my caregiving experience in some other life?

I have wondered, is their reincarnation? Will I come back with this experience residing deep within me? Am I being prepared for a more important mission in a next life? I don't know, but if so, it is a pleasant thought.

The catalyst for this thread was a comment by Gmurphy under the article, Alzheimer's Care, the Importance of the Early Morning Wake Up Routine.

Gmurphy wonders,

"I sometimes think God is punishing me with all of this need for a routine, AGAIN, in my life. I had looked forward to not having to live by routine when we retired, but here we are, forced back into routine. I know you are right about that, Bob, but it has been among the hardest things for me to accept about the AD world".

What do you think? You are welcome to comment below in the Add New Comment area, or submit an article around this topic.

Perhaps God is allowing us to learn something that is necessary to complete our lives here on earth.

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