Dec 1, 2011

Dotty Takes an A M Poop, Get Happy

I go get Dotty and ask, what's up? She tells me, I just took a crap.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's caregiving has its peaks and valleys. Over time it often gets reduced down to the little things, like the poop - E.

So here I sit laughing away and happy because Dotty took an A M poop. Right out of the box so to speak.

Get happy. Details about the early AM poop below the video.

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The other day we had one of those poop - e problems. It starts when I notice Dotty going in and out of the bathroom over and over.

I ask Dotty, need to poop? She usually says, yes, I am going in there right now. The thing. Dotty doesn't remember she has already gone in there and out five or six times. For Dotty, each time is the first time.

Finally I say, time for the magic elixir, prune juice. Dotty usually makes all of the following remarks: this is poison, its gonna make me vomit, Harvey, Bobby is trying to poison me, I can't drink this. All accompanied by a scrunched up face.

Normally, I sing the poop - e song or get Harvey to help out. Dotty finally drinks and in the next hour mission accomplished. Poop - e.

The other evening, bingo night, I give Dotty the magic elixir around 4 P M. I figure this will do the trick. Well it didn't. Dotty continued to go in and out of the bathroom over and over. By 6 PM no poop -e.

By this time I am getting worried. We have to leave for bingo by 6:30 PM. At 6:20 I tell Dotty, I don't think you are going to be able to make it to bingo tonight. She tells me, I am going to poop right now. She did. She made it to bingo with some time to spare.

So anyway. For the first time in history I decided to give Dotty the prune juice before she went to bed last night. She didn't like the idea but she finally cooperated. I was worried that we might have an accident. No accident.

Dotty gets up early this morning, very early for her. Around 7:30 AM. I get her over to the kitchen table, give her the thyroid medication and the newspaper. We go through our usual start of the day routine. I finally leave Dotty and Harvey to themselves.

About half an hour later I hear the "yoo hoo" I'm awake you know. There is Dotty standing in the door of her bedroom. Somehow she can go in on her own, but she can't come out on her own.

I go get her and ask, what's up? She tells me, I just took a crap. I will add she had a nice big smile on her face. We always get happy after the poop - e.

So there you go, I am a happy Alzheimer's caregiver. Dotty is smiling. No poop -e agita today.

We're off to a good start today.

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