Jan 24, 2012

Alzheimers, Balance Problems, Memory Loss

We have quite a bit of intellectual capital and medical science here on the Alzheimer's Reading Room relating to falls, balance, gait, and memory loss.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

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Recently, I noticed that the Alzheimer's Reading Room (ARR) is receiving a growing number of visitors from Google, Bing and Yahoo searching the following keywords: alzheimers balance, alzheimers falling, alzheimer cognitive decline balance, etc.

This reminded me that when I first moved to Delray Beach to care for my mother she was falling all the time. Once she fell and broke her little finger. This resulted in a 10 hour trip to the emergency room.

For 8 of those hours we sat around doing nothing.

The finger next to my mother's little finger was dramatically swollen. The ring she had on that finger looked like it was chocking her finger to death. I registered my worry with the triage nurse. Guess what she did? She handed me a tube of K-Y jelly. It took a while but the ring finally came off.

A couple of years later I learned that I could have gone to the firehouse and an EMT would have cut it off for us. Duh? Why didn't the nurse tell me this?

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We have quite a bit of intellectual capital and medical science here on the ARR relating to falls, balance, gait, and cognitive decline. For example.

Problems with Balance, Walking, Falling Can Be an Early Sign of Dementia.
"Our results reinforce, in an Alzheimer's disease population, the growing evidence suggesting a link between physical performances and cognitive decline," ... "the one-leg balance test could be adopted in clinical practice to identify Alzheimer's disease patients at high risk of rapid cognitive decline."

Aerosoles, Alzheimer's and Falling, explained what I had learned. As a result,

My mother has not fallen in six years. Not once.

Falls, Balance, and Changes in Gait May Be An Early Sign of Alzheimer's and Dementia
"Understanding the traditional hallmarks of Alzheimer's, including cognitive impairment and memory loss, are important; however, these study results also illustrate the significance of understanding that, in some people, changes in gait and balance may appear before cognitive impairment."

Are Problems with Balance a Symptom of Alzheimer's?
My husband is between mild to moderate and has started having trouble with balance. Is this one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's?

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