Jan 12, 2012

Don't Roll Your Eyes, A Tip from P.K. Beville

The care you give is only as good as the care you give yourself.

By P.K. Beville

Now that you have gotten through the holiday season, it’s time to do something for you, the caregiver.

It doesn’t matter if you are caring for your loved one in their home, long distance or while they are in a long term care living environment, the pressure is real.

In fact, statistics show that depression for caregivers is extremely high. But, giving care to someone else is only as good as the care you give yourself.

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Sometimes you only have time for deep breaths. Take a deep breath count to 5, and let it out to the count of 5. Repeat 3 times or until you feel light headed. (Kidding)

Now, go into a bathroom and look in the mirror. Funny already, right?

Look yourself in the face and tell yourself a favorite joke. Don’t leave anything out. Be sure no one can hear you (not kidding).

If you don’t have a favorite joke, get one. Call somebody. It’s time to laugh. You are a riot and it will crack you up to see yourself telling yourself the joke.

Don’t roll your eyes, just get in there and tell that joke. Believe me, you will come out of that bathroom a different person.

How do you relieve the stress that comes with effective caregiving?

P.K. Beville is a specialist in geriatric care and author of the Virtual Dementia Tour™ (VDT) series. She also created the Family Edition to help sensitize families to the plight of their loved one with cognitive impairment. The goal is to help families develop realistic approaches to care. The VDT is a product of Second Wind Dreams® with proceeds going to help change negative perception of aging.

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