Jan 29, 2012

Dotty Is Getting an MRI in the Morning

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

For the past 12 days Dotty has had a persistent and sometimes severe headache. None of the remedies we used over the years are giving her relief.

The main purpose of the MRI is to rule out a cause other than the progression of Alzheimer's.

Our doctor is now on vacation, so I expect it to be a week or more before we get a definitive result from the MRI.

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Dotty is still eating and is still consistently hungry. She is also sleeping well.

She still smiles and occasionally says kiss my ass.

Dotty is, however, beginning to lose some of her awareness. At times she doesn't answer me. At other times she has a bit of trouble understanding my words.

The change is subtle, but it is real and I can see the changes coming. She continues to have trouble walking and is clearly slowing down. She is not falling.

Of course, Dotty is 95 years old, so the way I see it she is still doing very well for her age.

I suppose this explains in part why I am feeling more "militant" right now. I am getting tired of the "vilification" rhetoric that is designed to instill fear in the populace as it pertains to Alzheimer's disease. I won't sit back any longer and allow leaders in the Alzheimer's community to castigate persons living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers.

It is not "OK" by me to justify words based on what market focus groups, and marketers, say will resonate.

Resonate in this case is a code word for raising money.

I believe its time to address the stigma attached to Alzheimer's in a clear and positive way. So, I won't be a part of any effort that perpetrates stigma, and I fully intend to start speaking out against those that do.

Do the ends justify the means? No. Vilification and objectification hasn't worked, and it won't work. This type of rhetoric is hurtful, harmful, and is designed to drive a wedge between us.

What we do have is each other. And, little by little, people all over the country are banding together to make their own neighborhood, their own local Alzheimer's community, a kinder, gentler, and more effective place for person living with Alzheimer's and for their Alzheimer's caregiver.

We are way down here in the grass and this is why no one can see us. Its time to come out of our caves.

In order to accomplish our goals it is going to take a new and different kind of leadership.

I'll let you all know about Dotty when I know something.

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