Feb 6, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News Digest 115

Top stories about Alzheimer's and dementia.

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A push for family input to detect dementia earlier -- USA Today
Then their phone service was cut off. "I mailed that check," McKenzie's father insisted. No, he'd mailed the phone company a bank deposit slip instead. McKenzie visited and discovered spoiling food. Dad the caregiver was in trouble, too.

Dementia should be detected by family earlier, experts say -- CBS
"How are you?" the doctor asks a patient with brewing dementia. The patient answers that she is fine. But is this enough?

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The Campaign to Defeat Alzheimer’s -- New York Times

What to do if you suspect Alzheimer's -- Los Angeles Times
An early diagnosis can be helpful, medically and personally. The first thing to do is see a doctor, and try not to panic. Not all memory loss is a sign of the disease.

Cracks in the Plaques: Mysteries of Alzheimer's Slowly Yielding to New Research -- Scientific American
Science is bringing some understanding of the heritability, prevalence and inner workings of one of the most devastating diseases.

Study Tracks Alzheimer's Progression In Mice -- NPR Interview
Amyloid plaques and tangles of protein in the brain are two of the key signs of the form of dementia known as Alzheimer's disease. In new work reported in the journal PLOS One, researchers tracked the spread of tangles of tau protein from neuron to neuron in the brains of mice. Study co-author Karen Duff of the Columbia University Medical Center discusses the findings.

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