Feb 28, 2012

Alzheimer's Reading Room Needs Your Help

Lets make this simple. If you don't help, who will? You get to choose, help, don't help.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty Says
I fully endorse this effort
Please Help
The Alzheimer's Reading Room exists today because members of the Alzheimer's community came to me and asked me to start writing more about what I was doing with my mother, and to explain how we were accomplishing so much together.

Since January, 2009 I have spent an average of 5 hours a day working on this website. Along the way, I added some great contributors, and I intend to add more, if I can ever get to it.

Here is a bit of perspective. Last year during a similar 30 day period we had 15,000 unique visitors from Google. This year 45,000. This takes a lot of work. Search engine optimization, social media, sharing, editing, writing. It all adds up to time.

There are about 3,000,000 people searching for information about Alzheimer's on the Internet. Most are Alzheimer's caregivers. Each day on average, about 1,200 new Alzheimer's caregivers are born.

I am asking you to spend about five minutes of your time to help me grow the Alzheimer's Reading Room, and to bring this website into the awareness of the 3,000,000 that could benefit.

I am also asking you to become an Alzheimer's activist. Active in helping other caregivers live a healthy, productive life. To help each caregiver reduce the burdens they feel each and every day.

If you look at the top of each article on this website, you will see the Google+ 1 button.

When you click that button you endorse an article, and this in turn tells Google it is worth reading. At the same time, a window opens and you can click again to share a snapshot of the article to a Google+ account. This is called "sharing". Sharing is a good thing.

In order to use that button you need a Google account. If you have a Gmail, Blogger, or a YouTube account you are already in business. If not, you will need to go through a short process, fill in some boxes and you will have everything you need to open your Google+ plus account.

If you are new to Google click here -- create a new account -- to get started.

Don't feel intimidated, it is simple.

You can find the Google+ page here.

There is another big benefit you will get. Once you have a Google+ account, you also have a Google Hangout. I wrote about the Hangout previously here.

The best thing about the Hangout is that you can talk and see anyone in the world that also has a Hangout -- Free. No need to add software, it comes ready to go with the G+ account. You can also get Google Voice and make free long distance calls, and cheap international calls.

Once you have Google+ 1 account, and a Google circle you can interact, communicate, with other Alzheimer's caregivers, or start a support group online. Can't get out of the house. Can't get to a support group. Sit down in front of the computer and your are in business.

I intend to start working with some support group moderators to create Hangouts. It does get better, you will be able to Hangout with me.

I understand everyone is busy.

I'll close by saying this. You get to choose -- Help. Don't help.

Please consider, there are a lot of Alzheimer's caregivers in the world that need our help. They are actively searching for help on the Internet as you read this.

Dotty fully endorsed this effort. And yes, you will get to meet her in a future Google Hangout. Even ask her questions.

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