Feb 14, 2012

Dotty, Let Your Eyes Tell Your Feet Where to Go

The right tone of voice and patience are real keys in this situation. As a carer you have to get some real focus on your mission in situtations like this one.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Blooming Rose
Dotty is having more and more trouble walking. Her overall awareness is also breaking down.

Sadly, all of this is to be expected.

Nevertheless, this does not deter me from trying to improve the situation, or make the best of the way things are.

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Part of the current walking problem is that Dotty is looking down as she gets up and starts to walk. This could be a combination problem. Insecurity while walking, and maybe her neck is getting weak.

Last week, before I started walking with Dotty I started saying:

Look at where we are going, let your eyes tell your feet where to go.

I usually pick out an object for Dotty to focus on. For example, I might say, look at Harvey. We are going to walk over to Harvey.

You have to have a little patience. I might have to gently tell Dotty to look at Harvey until she gets somewhat "focused". Then away we go.

Here is the good news. It seems to be working. Its not that Dotty is walking faster, it is she is walking and doesn't feel like lead when she is holding my arm.

The right tone of voice and patience are the real keys.  As a carer you have to get some real focus on your mission in situtations like this one.

Dotty has not been feeling so great of late. She continues to have headaches. She is not complaining much, but I can tell by the look on her face that it is bothering her.

On another note, Dotty has not driven the cart in Walmart for a while. I am going to try that later in the week and see what happens.

The weather here has been somewhat cool for Dotty, but that is sure to change. In fact, it appears to be changing today.

Dotty received an interesting toy rose from Joanne today. You press a button and the rose blooms, press the button and it closes. Dotty loves it.

If things go well, I'll try and make a new Dotty video soon. Dotty has a lot of new toys, and a new doll.


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