Feb 16, 2012

Dr Bobby, or Dr Ralph Roister Doister?

When we get done I demonstrate to Dotty how to clear her throat, you know that really big sound where you are gathering up all the snot and making what was called a "lunger" when I was a kid. A lunger is like a thick wad of slimy spit.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I read a lot. Thanks to mom, dad, and God, I have a good facility to absorb information, file it away, and put it to good use somewhere down the road.

I'm also very curious. I still remember the time I got in a lot of trouble when I was six years old for being "too" curious. Curiousity does work for me though because I read all kinds of stuff, and later apply that stuff to a difficult situation or problem.

Most people don't think I go anywhere. Not true. I go into Alzheimer's World (AW) every day. No, for those who have asked, I don't get lost in AW, I know how to navigate in and out. You can't catch it.

I also go up into my Bunkhouse all the time. Usually when I am up in the Bunkhouse I am trying to figure something out. When using Bunkhouse logic you can boil down any problem to a single issue. It is not always easy to discover the "issue", but once you do then you only have one simple thing to focus on. This helps.

It is a lot easier to solve a problem when you understand the problem. This requires one to look at the problem from every possible angle.

Here is the problem, Dotty is having consistent around the clock headaches.

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Dotty is not complaining much about her headaches. So they are not of the head splitting type. Sometimes, though, I can tell by the look oo her face, or by the fact that she is holding her head that they are hurting. Sometimes she tells Harvey which is very helpful.

We already ruled out catastrophe like brain tumor, etc. via an MRI and several tests.

As a result, one could conclude that the headaches are a result of Alzheimer's disease, and this is where we are right now. Probably so.

Nevertheless, this will not deter me for looking for a cure.

Time for Dr Bobby to get to work.

So, I'm up in the Bunkhouse and I remember something I didn't even know I knew. I know that sounds strange, but it happens to me all the time. Remember, I told you I read a lot and I can actually remember what I read.

Now I will try to describe what I remembered, even thought though I can't remember where I read it, when I read it, or if this actually has a name.

I think this could be called, how to clean out your sinuses.

Here is the drill. You put your tongue on the top of you mouth. Then you take your finger tip and press the area that is between the place where your eyebrows come together. This will supposedly clear your sinuses. I can't say if this works because I never have problems with my sinuses. But, sometimes when I blow my nose in the morning I get a bit of "snot", so I guess you could say I routinely clear my sinuses.

I decided to try this new technique on myself. Hmm, it left me with an interesting feeling. Nice feeling no big deal. I decided, I will start doing this "snot removing exercise" as a matter of course. Remember, I told you I am curious. I might also be a bit superstitious as I decided to start doing this because I thought it might somehow help my brain and lead to better, more interesting trips to the Bunkhouse. Hey, you never know.

Okay, if you made it to this point, I'll get to my point.

I decided that this might be the way to get rid of Dotty's headaches. Go ahead laugh. I'm laughing. You might be wondering, how did I come to this conclusion?

Well, my brain reminded me of this obscure information that was more or less useless to me (well you never know). So I thought, maybe my brain is trying to tell me something. Something like, Yo Dr Bobby, this is the cure for Dotty's headache.

So this morning I decide to get to work on Dotty. I tell her to put her tongue on the top of her mouth. Well, every time she puts her tongue on the top of her mouth she also lifts her head up and locks it. So next, I have to teach her how to how to look straightforward and put her tongue on the top her mouth. I decide we will use my finger instead of her finger.

We start and the next thing I know, Dotty's tongue is wagging out the front of her mouth. We practice some more. Now we have the tongue thing down, but before I know it she is telling me I am pressing too hard with my finger. I think about it. I don't remember reading you have to press hard.

Let's skip ahead. Finally we get every thing down pat and we do it. When we get done I demonstrate to Dotty how to clear her throat, you know that really big sound where you are gathering up all the snot and making what was called a "lunger" when I was a kid. A lunger is like a thick wad of slimy spit.

Dotty gets her lunger together and I tell her to spit it into a napkin. Hmm, this must work, pretty thick stuff we have there. I examine further to check out the color. Clear, no problem.

Next, we go through the entire drill again. This time I tell Dotty to blow her nose hard. I demonstrate how to do this and hand her the Kleenex. Wozo. We get some serious snot.

Is Dotty cured? Not yet. But until proven otherwise I am going to believe this is going to work.

I suppose at the end of this episode you will be able to call me Dr Bobby, or Dr Ralph Roister Doister.

If you have any ideas that apply to this current potential cure, shoot them in. Use the Add New Comment box below. Stay on topic. One cure at a time.

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