Feb 26, 2012

Life, With Dementia Behind Bars

Most Alzheimer's caregivers will say that the act of caring for someone with dementia has a positive influence on their life. They change for the better. This is one of the little known positives that come from dementia care.

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Life, With Dementia Behind Bars
Gold Coats
I think most people would be shocked, or at the very least surprised, after reading this story and learning how dementia care can turn a convicted felon into a loving, caring person.

The video below is excellent, and is moving. I suggest you listen to the tone of voice, notice the furrowed brows, and the serious looks on the faces.

This story and video should be shared widely in the Alzheimer's community, and it should be shared with the family and friends of Alzheimer's caregivers.

There is a lesson to be learned.

Read more in the New York Times online -- Life, With Dementia

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