Mar 15, 2012

80 Year Old Woman with Dementia Dumped at the ER by Nursing Home

Grace Denyer, a long-term-care patient in stable condition, was dumped at a hospital emergency room by a private care-home operator.

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Grace Denyer
Grace Denyer suffers from Dementia.

The first time around Grace was placed in a public home for care. But, after a series of problems including finding Grace sitting in a dirty diaper with feces seeping into her open wounds, her family decided to move her into a private, for profit, long term care facility.

The family initially agree to pay $3,500 a month for Grace's care. After two weeks, the private long term care facility imposed a $1,500 increase to $5,000.

It only gets worse. Next, the long term care facility evicted Grace and had an ambulance dump her off at the emergency room of a hospital. No, they did not inform the family of their decision. Hence, the use of the word, dumped.

In the video below Grace's daughter, Beth Podgurny, describes the events and care as "horrifying".

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