Mar 11, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News 123

Recent news about Alzheimer's and dementia

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

THE ALZHEIMER CAFÉ -- A Guideline Manual for setting one up
What is understood by the word “Café”? How could such a ‘relaxed atmosphere’ be better described than with the word ‘café’? Miesen’s idea of an Alzheimer Café first became reality in a lecture room of Leiden University. About 20 people attended the first meeting. A month later there were 35, a month later the number had risen to 54, and after 3 months the lecture room contained 80 people. It was clear that the initiative met a real need.
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Waiting for Alzheimer's
Is my trouble recalling James Caan's name early evidence of Alzheimer's disease? Am I at the beginning of a slide down a slippery slope to mental oblivion?
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Wellesley couple run Boston Marathon to raise money for Cure Alzheimer's Fund
The Bulsons first heard about Cure Alzheimer’s Fund from a neighbor at a Poets’ Corner progressive dinner party. “Everyone seems to know someone with Alzheimer’s,” says Peter. “It’s a devastating disease and we want to do what we can to help. It’s great to know that every cent of the money we raise will go directly to research.”
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Unforgettable Tuesdays Day Club
We are a respite for caregivers for people who have Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. We use a buddy system so the patient gets to interact with the same volunteer each time. We create various activities, exercise and play games to keep them occupied, stimulated and participating.
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Poetry, music to raise Alzheimer's awareness in Green Bay

Scientists map new mechanism in brain's barrier tissue
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have documented a previously unknown biological mechanism in the brain’s most important line of defence: the blood-brain barrier. Scientists now know that the barrier helps maintain a delicate balance of glutamate, a vital signal compound in the brain. The research results have just been published in the scientific journal GLIA.
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Memory Café and Singing for the Brain
“We had one carer tell us that the lady she helps got up for three days after the session and completed household tasks she hasn’t managed for a while.
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Obama's Alzheimer's plan focuses on treatment, care
The Obama administration's plan to fight Alzheimer's disease aims to harness the nation's expertise to find real treatments by 2025 and improve the care and treatment of the millions of Americans already afflicted with the brain-wasting disease.
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