Mar 24, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News 125

Ronald Reagan, Pat Summitt, Frank Broyles, God's Eyes, Young Victim, Thief, Alzheimer's Test ...

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God stays beside us, even in the face of Alzheimer's disease
Q: My aunt was always a wonderful and kind Christian, but now she has Alzheimer's disease and has totally changed. She gets angry and lashes out at people, and we can't understand what's happened. Is she guilty in God's eyes for the way she's acting?
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Frank Broyles knows what Darrell Royal's family faces in Alzheimer’s disease
Frank Broyles has seen Alzheimer’s up close. The first sign of the disease that would claim his wife, Barbara, in 2004 came when she called to say she’d resigned from all her activities. Symptoms piled up. She sobbed when she couldn’t balance the checkbook. She got lost driving and couldn’t ask for directions. Her heartbreaking, inexplicable slide left him unsure what to do. He took her keys; Alzheimer’s took the rest.
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Dementia's youngest victims often defy stereotypes
The first clues surfaced around five years ago. She'd forget to pick up her grandchildren at school or plans she made with her husband. She wrote down the wrong medication dosage for a patient. "I have no idea what's going on," she remembered telling her doctor.
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Solicitor jailed for stealing over £50,000 from elderly dementia sufferer who treated him 'like a son'
A solicitor was today jailed for 26 months after stealing more than £51,000 from an elderly dementia sufferer who treated him like a son.
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A New Test Might Facilitate Diagnosis and Drug Development for Alzheimer's Disease
An international team of researchers have developed a new method for measurement of aggregated beta-amyloid -- a protein complex believed to cause major nerve cell damage and dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.
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Tennessee 'Wonder Woman' Pat Summitt battles dementia
"My mom is always kind of like Wonder Woman," Tyler Summitt said. "She could do seven or eight things at one time."
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Reagan and Alzheimer's: Following Path His Mother Traveled
Before Ronald Reagan was elected President in 1980, he said publicly he wanted to be watched for senility, in part because his mother, Nellie, had been senile for several years before her death at the age of 80.
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