Mar 7, 2012

Bexarotene, Coconut Oil, and Enbrel

I am being bombarded with emails asking me about off label Bexarotene, promoting Coconut oil, and asking me about advice on Enbrel.


Bexarotene, Coconut Oil, and Enbrel
I would eat two
or three of these immediately
if you send them to me.
The most frequently asked question I am receiving is -- if I know a doctor that will prescribe Bexaroten (Targetin) off label? No I don't.

Additionally, I don't know how to buy Bexarotene off label. Nor, am I personally interested in buying the medication.

Here is what Dr. Gary Landreth, Professor of Neurosciences, Alzheimer Research Laboratory Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, said,

"Don't try this at home because we don't know what dose to give, we don't know how frequently to give it, and there are a few nuances to its administration. So one shouldn't be prescribing it off-label."

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If you want to learn more about Bexarotene here is the link to 4 articles I wrote, Bexarotene and Alzheimer's.

I have no idea when and if there will be a Phase 2 clinical trial for Bexarotene and Alzheimer's. However, rest assured, the minute a clinical trial is announced I will publish that information here.

Coconut Oil

I have no opinion on coconut oil and its use with Alzheimer's patients. Yes, I am reading the available information and watching the videos.

Dotty does not take coconut oil.

If you are interested in taking coconut oil I would suggest you ask your doctor if there are any downsides to taking it. Not his opinion on coconut oil, if it conflicts with any medication you are currently taking.

The current frenzy over coconut oil does remind me of the past frenzy over Ginkgo Biloba. That one was shot down -- Ginkgo Biloba -- Two Thumbs Down for Treatment of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

I really can't see any downside to taking coconut oil. If there are no medicinal conflicts, coconut oil should be good for you.

I should mention, I am a fan of cinnamon.

To those who want me to promote their videos or websites that are selling coconut oil -- No.


Enbrel is back as a magic treatment for Alzheimer's patients. It comes and it goes.

I have no opinion on Enbrel. Dotty has not been treated with Enbrel, and as of this time, she never will be.

I am not interested in promoting the treatment for a fee, accepting advertising for a fee, or promoting videos on Enbrel as a magic cure for Alzheimer's.

I can't help or advise anyone considering this treatment.

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