Mar 14, 2012

We Back Pat Movement and Billboard Takes it to the Streets

The 'We Back Pat' movement is gaining momentum in Tennessee.

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty Einstein
A giant "We Back Pat" billboard was rolled up to the Legislative Plaza in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday with the purpose of bringing awareness of Alzheimer's to the state legislature and citizens of Tennessee. Volunteers from Alzheimer's Tennessee accompanied the billboard and assisted those who wanted to add their signatures to the board.

Its seems to me that this is an excellent way to raise awareness, and also to get the attention of politicians. Next the billboard will move around the state and give more supporters the chance to sign it.

Eventually, the billboard will be mounted in a place where Pat Summitt can see it on her drive from home to work at the University of Tennessee.

You will notice a lot of younger people in the video below, very uplifting. This seems like a very effective campaign which could be modeled in other states.

Dotty Einstein on a billboard?

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