Apr 8, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News 129

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Harvard Medical School Adviser: Alzheimer's disease answers
QUESTION: Both my mother and my father-in-law suffer from Alzheimer's disease. We're told that they both seem to be at about the same point in the physical progression of the disease. But my father-in-law has remained fairly lucid, while my mother is more confused and forgetful. What could account for this?
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Kevin Riordan: An artistic project offers the chance to make connections, raise Alzheimer's awareness
William B. McNamee told his grandson a secret about memory, even as he was losing his own memory to Alzheimer's.

One day, we'll be strangers . . . but you can remember the way we held hands when the wind moves through your fingers.
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As Summitt's diagnosis 'shines spotlight' on Alzheimer's, local advocates keep working to help families manage it
Alzheimer's Tennessee had already spent most of the month under a smaller spotlight: On Aug. 1, it became the latest of several chapters around the country to unaffiliate with the national Alzheimer's Association.
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Alzheimer Diagnosis Possible With Scan
A much-anticipated test developed by Eli Lilly (LLY) that detects the presence of proteins in the brain that are related to Alzheimer's disease was approved Friday by the Food and Drug Administration.
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Police search for missing 62-year-old Pontiac man with Alzheimer's Disease

A Caregiver’s Decision to End Two Lives
Re “Respect the Future” (column, April 3), about the murder-suicide by Charles Darwin Snelling, whose wife had Alzheimer’s disease
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