Apr 14, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News 131

Alzheimer's patients make memorable art and more.

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Alzheimer's patients make memorable art
Beth Reilly had never known her husband, Ken, as an artist, a painter. Alzheimer's disease has introduced that side of him to her, even as she loses the rest of the man she's known and loved all these years.
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Alzheimer's Drug Candidate May Help Brain Injuries Heal
Increasing evidence suggests that Notch is also involved in neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.
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Nursing home aide accused of abusing dementia patient
Worker, who has been fired, held pillow over woman’s face, deputies say
A 53-year old St. Johns County nursing home worker has been charged with abusing a patient after being caught holding a pillow over her face this morning, the Sheriff’s Office said.
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British man rows coastline for Alzheimer’s, stops in Myrtle Beach
You may have seen Lewis Colam rowing north on the Intracoastal Waterway Thursday. He probably blended in with others enjoying the weather on the water.
But, Colam wasn’t there for fun. He’s on mission.
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Antioxidant May Disrupt Alzheimer's Disease Process
A new study shows that reducing iron levels in blood plasma may protect the brain from changes related to AD.
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Police searching for missing Delray Beach man, 89, with dementia
Police are searching for an 89-year-old man who has been missing since this morning. Irving Gottlieb, of Delray Beach, also suffers from "Alzheimer's and Dementia", according to statement issued by Delray Beach Police this afternoon.
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Search Intensifies For Missing Man Who Needs Medication
Columbus police steps up the search for a local man who has been missing since Monday evening.
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New study finds one in seven Alzheimer's patients live alone
McCaffery has no children and no immediate family living nearby. It is a situation a growing number of Alzheimer's patients are finding themselves in. A new report released by the Alzheimer's Association shows one in seven people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease lives alone.
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Alzheimer's Disease: Music Brings Patients 'Back to Life'
Henry Dryer sits slumped over the tray attached to his wheelchair. He doesn't speak, and rarely moves, until a nursing home worker puts his headphones on.
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