Apr 27, 2012


By Claudia Marshall-Apers
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Here it is, the first ever online interactive guide to Alzheimerese.

Alzheimipedia includes phrases and words that are spoken in Alzheimer's World and what they actually mean in “Real World”. There can be multiple meanings to any given phrase. Like Wikipedia, entries can be made and adjusted by experts in the field (that means you, the caregiver).

I'll start us off with a few entries.

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Alzheimer's World Real World
I want to go home I want to feel safe and secure.
I am in a place in my memory that was home and this isn't it.
Get me out of here.
I'm hungry I forgot that I just ate.
If I had something better to do, I wouldn't be so bored that
I have to pass the time eating.
I'm hungry.
The mafia boss lives in there(the closet)The mirror on the door makes it look like there is another
I am feeling anxious.
I am feeling insecure.
I am scared.
I am confused.
I have to go upstairs (in a single
story home)
The map in my brain does not correspond to the actual
floor plan.
I am in a place in my memory and this isn't it.

Please add your phrases and definitions below.

Claudia Marshall-Apers is the full-time caregiver to her mom, Pauline, who is in the moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer's/dementia. Claudia is a transplant from New York where she was born and raised and now lives in the beautiful landscape of  Rio Rancho New Mexico with her husband and 18 and 21-year-old sons, when they are home, along with their dog Cinnamon. Claudia holds a Master's in Art Education and is currently working on a series of artwork about Alzheimer's/dementia.

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