Nov 12, 2012

Blogger’s Journey in Alzheimer’s World Brings Perspective

"Last week was life-changing for Bob DeMarco, author of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room blog. It was the week that his beloved mother, Dotty – the inspiration for his blog – died".

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Blogger’s Journey in Alzheimer’s World

Some people are kind. Some people are compassionate. Some people understand as a result of their own experience. Some people use words in a way that makes them jump off the page; or, write words that bring to the reader real feeling.

Shortly after Dotty went to Heaven, Judith Graham wrote a wonderful article about the Alzheimer's Reading Room and Dotty on the Association of Health Care Journalists website yesterday.

The article, Blogger’s journey in ‘Alzheimer’s World’ brings perspective to national plan, mentions my life changing event, Dotty's death on May 25, and alludes to my strong belief that Alzheimer's is "not an automatic death sentence". Dotty and I proved together that there are at least two survivors of Alzheimer's on this earth.

We are not the only One's.

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Judith quoted from Pamela Kelly's article, Did Dotty Survive Alzheimer's?

Dotty Lived Her life

To read Judith's Graham's article in its entirety go here.

Judith also linked to Jane Gross's article in the New York Times about the Alzheimer's Reading Room, go here to read it.

Thank you Judith. Your kind words are appreciated.

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  1. For sure the ARR has helped many cope in the care giving of this disease, opening the opportunity to find joy where it only seems to be burden. I think though Bob De Marco´s (and Dotty´s) legacy goes far beyond and have not finished here.

    Alzheimer disease is a health problem with world wide impact that calls for specials efforts. Efforts of different types and intensity. And caring for the caregivers must be a priority because it is the immediate task. IMHO I know that research will bring the ultimate solution (which means cure), but meanwhile the epidemic seems to soar, caregivers are the solution. All Alzheimer patients can´t go to an institution. Institutions will collapse if we don´t address the problem from the caregiver focus.

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  3. Carol Wright5/31/2012 2:05 PM

    Great article and tribute to your efforts and devotion to Dotty. Am also pleased to find the health journalists website as it will surely be a shortcut to finding great articles and resource people.

    On another note, why can not post with FB profile today? I am the E blogger "On the Path" removed post above, but that is not "me." --Carol Wright

  4. The comment section works sporadically for me. Also I have noticed there is no way to "like" comments anymore. I miss that. I'm used to Facebook working like that. This is a great article by the way.

    1. I also don't know how to post comments with this new system. I am anonymous Gale. :)

  5. I definitely do not like this new system. I looked forward to reading and writting comments. It was so helpful to get things off my chest.Now I am in limbo !!!!!! By the way I am claribel 651 from Puerto Rico :-(