May 19, 2012

Talking With Dotty

I feel that in some way deep down Dotty did understand that I was merely the voice for all of you.

By Carole B. Larkin
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Talking With Dotty
Carole B. Larkin
For the last week or so I have served as an unofficial consultant to Bob in relation to some aspects of hospice care.

My vocation as a geriatric care manager has given me opportunity to be exposed to a number of people with dementia who are at the end of their lives.

I have tried to give Bob some benefit of my knowledge and experience in relation to the things that he and Dotty currently are experiencing.

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Dotty.

Bob and I were consulting and he put me on speaker phone in Dotty's room. He said "Dotty, Carole Larkin is on the phone and wants to talk with you."

I heard Dotty speak but her words were too slurred to understand.

Amazingly, she tried again and said clear as a bell, and with a strong voice, "Hi Carole".

I said "Hi Dotty". I was getting ready to say, "we are all thinking and praying for you." but the Dotty said "water" and Bob went to get her some and gave it to her. The opportunity for more conversation had passed.

Yet, I feel that in some way deep down Dotty did understand that I was merely the voice for all of you. Your prayers, thoughts, cares and wishes for her (and Bob).

So I want you to know that in fact, you all have had this last opportunity to speak with her, to let her know that you love her. And I'm sure she heard you all.

Talking With Dotty
Carole Larkin MA,CMC,CAEd,QDCS,EICS,
is a Geriatric Care Manager who specializes in helping families with Alzheimer’s and related dementias issues. She also trains caregivers in home care companies, assisted livings, memory care communities, and nursing homes in dementia specific techniques for best care of dementia sufferers. ThirdAge Services LLC, is located in Dallas, TX.

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