May 11, 2012

Comments Like Manna from Heaven

Alzheimer's caregiving is an act of compassion and love that is given freely. In my case, an act of life.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Comments Like Manna from Heaven
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It was written that manna is "a fine, flake-like thing" that arrived like the frost on the ground. Exodus states that raw manna tasted like wafers that had been made with honey.

For me, in this modern age, the comments, thoughts and prayers we are receiving from around the world are like manna from Heaven.

This modern day manna for us is a kind of food that energizes and brings with it an emotional strength that is hard to describe in words. This manna brings out, and strengthens the spirit.

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Today has been wonderful at times, and extremely difficult. Nothing that I didn't expect in a way, but still different because I could not envision it in advance.

It is a learning experience for sure.

Dotty is going down hill, but last time they checked her vitals were stable.

Dotty is not hallucinating or delusional.

I can tell you she is having some wild dreams and sometimes she starts talking. In one episode she said an audible word, Penn Fruit. Some of you might know Penn Fruit form the old days, it was a grocery store. I really couldn't make out what Dotty was saying. She didn't seem distressed.

Dotty did this several times last night. Talked in her sleep.

There are those moments that are distressing, but to me it seems like I am on the job as usual. Although, I don't view Alzheimer's caregiving as a job personally.

Alzheimer's caregiving is an act of compassion and love that is given freely. In my case, an act of life.

I have been telling Dotty about the comments and the prayers.

If you are around tomorrow morning, I'll be publishing a little surprise.

God bless, and thank you.

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