May 27, 2012

David Cameron Launches National Dementia Challenge

"Dementia is a terrible, heart-breaking disease – and tackling it is a personal priority of mine. Two months ago I promised that we’d lead an all-out, national fight-back against dementia – and it’s happening." This world leader gets it, I strongly suggest you watch this entire video.

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David Cameron Launches National Dementia Challenge
David Cameron
David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, launches measures aimed at making the UK a world leader in dementia care and research, as part of his 'National Dementia Challenge'.

Three key areas where Government aims to make a difference have been identified:
  • making sure health and social care systems are properly geared up to deal with the crisis
  • radically stepping up research into cures and treatments, with overall funding for research doubled to reach £66m by 2015
  • getting society involved in the fight: communities, charities, businesses

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