May 14, 2012

Dotty is Still with Us, 10 AM

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty is still with us this morning.

She is resting comfortably, but continues to go down hill slowly.

Her urine appears to be okay, and I will get a better read on that once the Hospice nurse arrives.

Her pulse is dropping.

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My sister Joanne and my brother Bill are both here with us.

They were both able to speak with Dotty when they arrived.

Communication is becoming difficult.

Yesterday was a great day for Dotty and she was pleased that everyone was here for Mother's Day, and she was able to communicate that to us.

Surprisingly, she drank more than the previous days, and I was able to feed her tiny amounts of water, water melon, ice cream, rice pudding and ensure the entire day. She actually asked for water several times, which was a first.

One thing for sure, I am tired and a little dulled out. However, I did get some good sleep the last two days.

I might be getting a little ornery, but I'll try to hold myself in check. Nothing to be gained by raining on everyone's parade. On the other hand, sooner or later its all gonna come out. Which will be a good thing because I will channel it properly.

Speaking of parades, I think we had a darn good parade here the last 8 plus years. Especially in the last year and a half.

I am starting to feel anxious already to tell caregivers around the World our story. Specifically how both Dotty and I overcame the burden and found the joy together.

My real purpose in the world will be to tell people how we found the joy, but I suppose I will be telling some stories about my real life cartoon character Dotty.

Pretty soon it will be me and Harvey. Harvey needs a few repairs, but I intend to hold on to him, maybe take him out in the world with me.

Dotty did make me laugh and smile at least once each day during this difficult and trying period.

I am not yet feeling lonely.

No way I am ever going to feel alone thanks to all of you.

All in, I feel like a very fortunate man.

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