May 24, 2012

Dotty is Still With Us, 6:40 PM, May 24, Its Getting Closer

Dotty is not thrashing around, or showing any signs of pain.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty is Still With Us, 6:40 PM, May 24, Its Getting Closer
Dotty is clearly evidencing the near death breathing that is often called the "death rattle". From time to time it slows, but not in the last few hours.

Dotty also has a fever which is being controlled. She is still warm though.

Dotty has been unresponsive for more than a day now. Although, she has had a few moments where she opened her eyes, and even tried to smile back at me. Also, at the social worker that came by from Hospice today.

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Dotty is breathing through a wide open mouth continuously (now), and can no longer can speak even if awake.

She is not in a coma.

The congestion in her lungs is very noticeable, even from a distance. She is not urinating.

I don't see the shallow breaths with long pauses right now, but that has been happening.

Her tongue is clearly blue, or purple right now.

Her feet and hands are not cold to the touch, this can be explained by the fever.

She is not complaining. Really can't complain, obviously.

Dotty is not thrashing around, or showing any signs of pain. Just the distressed breathing right now.

As for me. I ate quite a bit today all at once when I became very hungry. This was at a time earlier today when everything was very stable, and Dotty had closed her mouth and was in a steady, if labored breathing pattern.

I fell asleep around 4 PM and slept very hard for two hours. It took me a bit of time to fully wake up. I think I was more worn out than it seemed to me. Although, right now I could go for a long time if I had too.

We have the crisis nurse sitting in the room with Dotty. She is also changing her, and we are moving her into a new comfortable position from time to time.

Dotty can still hear me for certain. When I whisper into her ear she seems to settle down a bit while I am doing it.

I know many of you are anxious to know what is happening and how we are going. Well, under the circumstances we are doing better than I would have imagined.

If I can I will try and update your more frequently.

As always, thanks for the support, kind words, and compassion. Please know, I am telling Dotty about your wonderful comments and caring thoughts.

Thanks to Hospice by the Sea. I can only wonder what last night and today would have been like without them.

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