May 21, 2012

Dotty is Still With Us, Monday 7 AM, Its Very Quiet

Dotty is not agitated, hallucinating, or "crazy".

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dotty is still with us. She is very comfortable so far.

It has been very quiet around here since last evening. Deathly quiet.

Dotty is not moving round or adjusting herself in her bed, although she does move her arms, and her legs up and down on occasion.

For the longest time yesterday she did not open her eyes, or move.

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I am still giving Dotty water and Boost. She has not eaten for about 14 hours. The last thing she ate was ice cream. I asked how it tasted and she responded delicious. For the most part she has not been responding to my questions about taste.

When Dotty said "delicious" it brought a smile to my face. In the last eight and a half years I would estimate that Dotty had ice cream about 80 percent of the nights before she went to bed. Her response when I asked how the ice cream tasted, "delicious". Dotty always looked cute and very happy while devouring her ice cream.

Dotty pulse is steady, still around 36. Her breathing is at times shallow, and at times slightly labored. There has been no noticeable change in her breathing for more than 12 hours. She is breathing with her mouth wide open at times. No secretions.

Her lips, mouth and jaw are not drooping, or dropping so far.

Dotty is not agitated, hallucinating, or "crazy". She is not receiving any antipsychotic medication. She does talk on occasion but I can't make out what she is saying. She is talking to someone on these occasions other than me.

So far no severe congestion, or build up in fluids.

At times her hands do feel cold to the touch.

Amazingly, Dotty seems very calm right now. Not so amazingly, as the situation worsens I am feeling calmer. This is the way I deal with problems or difficult situation. For some reason I become more and more focused.

Thank for your overwhelmingly wonderful response. The nourishment is keeping me going.

Thanks as always to Hospice by the Sea for the in home support.

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