May 19, 2012

Dotty Still With Us, 5 AM, Saturday, Detailed Update

Dotty is not agitated and is not acting crazy. Occasionally, she might call out mom, mom.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, depending on where you are.

Dotty is still with us. She seems to be comfortable. However, she is not moving at all. She does have a cough. It is sporadic, and we have some medication for the cough.

Yesterday, she only ate a few teaspoons of chicken broth and a bit of water melon. I continue to get water and Boost into her. She is still peeing quite a bit and the liquid is definitely moving through her.

Her urine was okay late last night. I am getting ready to change her shortly. This has been a real chore. Nevertheless it gets done. I'll update how this goes later today.

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Dotty is not agitated and is not acting crazy. Occasionally, she might call out mom, mom. This has been rare so far. She also asks for water on occasion. I have been giving her droplets of liquids about every 20 minutes.

So far the pausing in her breathing is very brief. Her breathing still remains in a rhythm. However, she does have what sounds like respiratory congestion.

At times her mouth is wide open as she breaths. This happened quite a bit yesterday.

When I put the droplets of liquid into her she still appears to be swallowing. I can see the reflex.

Her pulse is low. I will also update this later. I did not yet take it this morning. I'll also update her blood pressure if I can, to give you a clearer picture of the current state of affairs.

I feel strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. The exception is that at times I feel incredibly tired, and sleepy. I never felt this way before. The feeling is very heavy but it does not feel bad. Once I sleep a bit, I feel pretty good.

Unfortunately, I am only getting to sleep an hour or so at time. We tend to have a Dotty episode about every hour or so.

Honestly, right now as I am typing I feel good. It is not a struggle of any sort to work on this article. Actually, I had intended to wait a couple of more hours, but I noticed that people were asking if there had been a Dotty update.

Y'all are so sweet.

From time to time I think about what it might have been like if there had been no Alzheimer's Reading Room, or no You. Frankly, I can't imagine what it would be like. So I think, why bother thinking about it.

I do know what is is like with You. Pretty amazing. Fascinating for me. Wonderful for Dotty and me.

The thoughts, words, and prayers are making a big difference in our lives.

I am a thinker. So I think, how did I get here, how did we get here, how did I get to this place and space in time? Why?

I guess time will supply the rest of the answers.

As always, thank you so much for your support. Dotty thanks you too.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Carole Larkin has a few words on the phone with Dotty yesterday. Pretty wild. Very energizing.

Thanks again to Hospice by the Sea.

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